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Research projects of the cosmo work group

Our research is focused on the methodical development and application of cosmogenic nuclides for geoscientific questions.  Our labs (normal wet labs up to clean rooms ISO6) are able to prepare terrestrial rocks for 10Be-, 26Al-, 36Cl und 239, 240, 244Pu and 53Mn measurements.

The group 'Cosmogenic nuclides and Earth surface processes'  offers advise on sample preparation as well as the use  of our labs within the framework of  CologneAMS as our lab capacitiy permits the preparation of external samples for AMS measurements.

Plrase contact Barbara Bock (PhD) for more information regarding sampling for cosmogenic nuclides (for rock samples as wekl as externally prepared AMS targets). For sample specific questions contact  Prof. Tibor Dunai or Dr. Steven Binnie.