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Cosmogenic Nuclides

Cosmogenic nuclides (3He, 10Be, 14C, 21Ne, 26Al, 36Cl) have various applications in geology, geomorphology and climate research. They are the basics for exposition dating of stable landscapes, for burial dating of sediments or for erosion rate determinations of catchment areas.

Our research includes the methodological development and application of cosmogenic nuclides to geoscientific questions. Our laboratories (normal labs up to clean labs ISO6) are laid out for sample preparation of terrestric samples with regard to 10Be-, 26Al and 36Cl.

Within our lab capacities we provide guidance and lab space to external users to prepare samples for measurements at CologneAMS.

Please contact Barbara Bock (PhD) for more information regarding sampling for cosmogenic nuclides (for rock samples as well as submission of externally prepared AMS-targets). For sample specific questions please contact Prof. Tibor Dunai or Dr. Steven Binnie.

Examples for the application of cosmogenic nuclides